Black Pearl Pub & Restaurant

An à la carte restaurant offering a seasonal menu inspired by a passion for fresh, local ingredients
with an outdoor deck where our guests can enjoy lunch or dinner. We will re-introduce the old
fashioned ritual of enjoying a pre-dinner aperitif by the bar at The Captain’s Cabin prior to heading
to the dinner table followed by after dinner cocktails. A vast range of wines of the world and other
deluxe beverages are available.

The Pub is housed on the lower level of the vessel offering all day hospitality, streaming sports,
cultural recreation programmes and other scheduled events. Here we serve a range of ales, lagers,
stouts, ciders and special brews, both on draught and bottled, cocktail menu offering specific spirit varied
cocktail listings, aperitifs, deluxe spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages. One may enjoy with a
cup of tea or a piece of cake.

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