• The assigned Quality Assurance plaque is the property of the Malta Tourism Authority
  • The plaque is to be returned to the Authority if at any time the Authority informs the restaurant with at least two weeks’ notice that the restaurant no longer qualifies as a Quality Assured restaurant or if the restaurant decides to withdraw from the scheme.
  • Restaurant owners are liable to pay a fee of €100 if plaques are not returned.
  • Any damaged plaques can be re-ordered subject to payment of cost of production.
  • The Quality Assured certification is only assigned and exclusively to be used by the particular restaurant and the restaurant operator and cannot be transferred or used with any other catering establishments outside or within the same facility.
  • No reproduction of the plaque or the seal or any design on any stationary material, wall, signs, etc are to be done without the prior authorisation of the Authority. Any authorisation will always be subject to the removal, cancellation, deletion of such symbols when the certification terminates or is withdrawn. Any related costs will be borne by the Restaurant operator/licencee.
  • Quality Assured restaurants agree to provide information as requested by the Authority for promotional requirements within the requested timeframes. Failure to do so may result in either omission or incomplete information on the restaurants in promotional material.
  • The Quality Assured certification is valid for a period of two years only as established by the Authority. It is the restaurants responsibility to apply in a timely manner up at least 6 months prior to the expiration of the current certified period. Failure to do so might lead to the certification not being renewed and the plaque to be collected upon expiration.
  • A restaurant operator shall inform the Authority of any changes listed in the Policies hereunder such as the intension to suspend his catering operation, for any reason. Should the closure be for a period of more than two months the Authority might require a further mystery guest / announced visit to confirm that the Quality assured criteria are still satisfied. Any such costs related to this requirement are to be borne by the restaurant operator at the same rate of a mystery guest visit applicable at the time.
  • A restaurant operator should inform the Authority for any of the following changes:
    • Change of management
    • Change of name
    • Change of cuisine
    • Substantial change of menu concept

Failure to do so might result in withdrawal of the seal.

The Authority reserves the right to request an additional mystery guest / announced visit as required.

  • The Quality Assured certification is subject to an interim mystery guest visit. A successful interim mystery guest visit is also a requisite to maintain the Quality Assured certification. In the eventuality that the restaurant fails the interim mystery guest visit an application for a second additional mystery guest visit has to be submitted within fifteen days of official receipt of the unsuccessful mystery guest report subject to any appeals being submitted.
  • The Authority reserves the right to withdraw the Quality Assured seal following an unsuccessful second mystery guest visit or at any other time stating reasons for such withdrawal.
  • The Quality Assured certification is also subject to being in line with all the laws and regulations pertaining to their activity including food safety unit certification. Prior to the award of the certification and at any time during the certification the Authority reserves the right to request the certification and documentation
  • The Authority on application will request a visit by its Compliance and Regulatory personnel to ensure that standards as per MTA regulations are satisfied. The Authority reserves the right to request additional visits at anytime.
  • The budget category selected by the restaurant in his application form must the satisfy the following criteria:
    • Min of two food courses, either starter – main or main – dessert.
    • ½ bottle of wine
    • Coffee
    • Water
    • Maximum prices on list for items in above

If during the announced audit / mystery guest visit it transpires that the budget for above exceeds the selected budget by the applicant than the audit report will be drawn up according to the identified budget category.


In the below indicated circumstances the licencee/operator of the restaurant has the responsibility of informing the Authority in advance of changes:

  1. In restaurant management but maintaining same restaurant name.
  2. In restaurant name only under the same management.
  3. In menu and cuisine style if substantial.
  4. Of management and change of name.
  5. When the restaurant management is planning a soft refurbishment. In such instances the audit cannot be postponed until works are completed. The restaurant owner is obliged to inform the Authority in advance confirming whether the audit will still proceed or the seal will be put on hold and the plaque returned until the soft refurbishment is completed.
  6. In the event a restaurant is undertaking a full refurbishment that will entail closing of operation for several weeks / months, the restaurant is to inform the Authority in advance. The QA seal must be returned.
  7. In the event the restaurant is permanently closing or closing for demolishing the Authority must be informed in advance. The QA seal must be returned.
  8. It is the sole responsibility of the restaurant to inform the Authority whether the intention is to renew the seal for an additional two years. Failure to renew one month prior to the expiration of the current seal will result in termination of the seal.


It is the responsibility of the restaurant owner to inform the Authority in advance of any other relevant changes and to return the seal without delay.

 The Authority reserves the right to charge a fee of € 100 for the loss or failure to return the plaque as per conditions stipulated above.