Braised Rabbit – De Mondion Restaurant


For the Brioche

0.25kg flour

0.05ml luke warm water

0.0035kg yeast

1tsp honey

0.075kg butter

0.0025kg salt

2pcs eggs


For the Rabbit

2pcs whole rabbit

2pcs onions

1pc whole garlic

0.25ml white wine

Salt and pepper


For the Pumpkin Parmesan Purée

1pc medium sized pumpkin

0.1kg butter

0.2kg grated Parmesan


For the Potato Gratin

1kg potato

0.25kg butter

Salt and pepper


For the King Oyster Mushrooms

2pcs king oyster mushrooms

Olive oil

Salt and pepper


For the Rabbit Jus

Rabbit bones

2pcs carrots

2pcs celery

2pcs onions

1pcs garlic

2pcs bay leaf

0.5ml red wine

1ltr veal stock





Mix the water, honey and yeast and set aside for 5 minutes.

In a food mixer, sieve the flour, add the salt followed by the water and yeast mix.

Add the butter and eggs – on low speed blend the mix for 3 minutes.

Transfer the dough to a floured bowl and cover with a cloth and leave to set for 1 hour.


Rabbit Recipe

Portion the rabbit by cutting off the front and back legs, leaving the whole saddle and carefully debone.  Keep all the bones for the sauce.  Remove the belly and all excess fat.  Leaving 2 pieces of loin from each rabbit.

Braise the front and back legs and all the remaining meat apart from the loins with the onions, garlic and white wine for 1.5 hours.  When cooked remove all the meat from the bones and mix with the braising liquor.  Form into round balls aprox. 25g each. Cool down and wrap each one with the brioche dough.


Pumpkin Parmesan Purée Recipe

Cut the pumpkin in half, length wise.  Lay onto the roasting tray and roast on low heat for 2 hours until soft.  Peel off the skin and blend with the butter and parmesan.  Season with white pepper and salt and set aside.


Potato Gratin Recipe

Peel and slice the potato very thinly.

Soak the sliced potato in the melted butter and season with salt and pepper.

In an oven proof dish start laying the potato layer by layer until you have reached the top. Cover with grease proof paper and foil and bake for 1.5 hours.

Once cooked, cool down and slice as desired.


King Oyster Recipe

Slice the mushroom in half.  Brush with little olive oil, salt and pepper and roast for 5 minutes.


Rabbit Jus Recipe

In a thick bottomed pan, brown the chopped rabbit bones followed by all the vegetables and bay leaves.

Add the wine and reduce by half.  Add the veal stock and leave to simmer on low heat until thick.

Chef name: Kevin Bonello – Group Chef de Cuisine

Restaurant address: The Xara Palace Relais and Chateaux, Misrah il-Kunsill, Mdina

Phone: +356 21450 560