Restaurants in Gozo – A Taste of Gozitan Cuisine

With a myriad of historic sites to visit, lots of restaurants to dine at and great beaches to bask in, it’s no wonder that Malta is one of the most loved holiday getaways. And just a 20 minute ferry boat away is Malta’s sister island, Gozo, a place which has earned a soft spot in the hearts of many Maltese and tourists alike.

Gozitan flavours available from the many restaurants and eateries in Gozo offer an exceptional experience of tasty Mediterranean relaxation.

Explore the island & Experience Gozitan Flavours

Although Gozo is not as well-known as its bigger and noisier sister Malta, the island offers a different kind of Mediterranean magic. The idyllic haven is absolutely brimming with history, culture and its own cuisine – a fusion of Mediterranean flavours with the islanders’ unique spin on it.

Once you’ve boarded the ferry from Cirkewwa, you’ll be in for a treat. As you sit on the outside area of the boat and take in the view of the deep blue sea, you will slowly approach the Maltese islands’ hidden gem, and you will feel a special kind of peacefulness, that only Gozo can offer.

On arriving at Mgarr harbour, you’ll get your first glimpse of a modern island that somehow, seems to be nostalgically stuck in time. Mgarr’s pretty fishing village is the first thing that awaits you, and as you look up your eyes will undoubtedly settle on Għajnsielem’s towering belfry, that belons to the village’s Parish Church. If you’re up for some sightseeing, this small village offers phenomenal views of the sea and of mainland Malta. The best thing is that you can do this whilst enjoying some fine dining at the restaurants in Għajnsielem, most of which have managed to gain the Quality Assured Malta seal of approval for their service and mouth-watering food.

Head to Gozo’s Capital, the Citadella & Sample Some Local Produce

If on the other hand, you’d like to explore Gozo’s capital first, take a bus to Victoria, Rabat. Once you’re there, stroll through the quaint city’s main street and its narrow winding alleys, possibly doing some shopping around ‘it-Tokk’- where many little shops, mostly family run businesses that have been passed on from generation to generation, offer an array of goods ranging from clothes, to plants to luscious food and snacks.

Now head to the Citadella, Gozo’s own fortified town, possibly the best place to immerse yourself and discover the island’s history by visiting the limestone town’s famous sites. Amongst the most popular attractions are the Museum of Archaeology, the Folklore Museum, the Old Prison, the Grain Silos and Old Gunpowder Magazine and the 17th century Baroque Cathedral, which was designed by the renowned architect Lorenzo Gafa’. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, have a seat at one of the restaurants within the city walls, and dig into some traditional Gozitan ġbejna, sun dried tomatoes, bread with olive oil and of course, a soft, warm, Gozitan Ftira.

Walk through Gozo’s Hilly Landscape, Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site & Eat a traditional Maltese Plate

After you’ve eaten to your heart’s content at lunch, opt to take a bus, or better yet, if you have time to spare, simply head northeast of the Capital on foot, and go for a walk in the countryside which leads to Xagħra. This picturesque town is certainly worth a visit and is exceptionally rich in history. It’s home to the remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Ġgantija temple complex, the charming Ta’ Kola Windmill and the Pomskizillious Museum of Toys. Apart from the marvellous sites, it’s also one of the best places to eat a hearty plate of fried rabbit cooked in gravy, a sumptuous plate of bragioli and local snails seasoned to perfection.

Unwind by the tranquil Sea at Restaurants in Xlendi, Marsalforn & Qbajjar

If you happen to be in Gozo on a sunny summer day, make sure you’ve worn your bathing suit, packed a towel and even perhaps a pair of goggles, before you prepare to dive into the crystal clear waters in Qbajjar, Marsalforn or Xlendi. If getting wet is not your cup of tea, just lie on the beach to tan and soak up the sun’s golden rays in Dwejra Bay, located close to the famous Azure window. Once the sun sets enjoy some fine dining by the Gozitan shore’s moonlit bays and take a few sips of Gozo’s finest wines or a pint of craft beer.

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat whilst visiting the island, our map highlights a plethora of restaurants in Gozo whose food is so scrumptious, and whose service are of such standards, that they’ve have managed to gain the Quality Assured Malta seal of approval.

Restaurant in Gozo - overlooking the Mgarr Harbour Dining out in Xlendi Gozo, where you can find different restaurants around the bay

Featured photo by Clive Vella