Restaurants in Mdina, Rabat and Dingli

Perched on a plateau in the north part of the island is an area that is frequently earmarked by locals and tourists as a place to enjoy a relaxing day out visiting sites and dining at some of the best restaurants the island has to offer. Indeed, the area we’re talking about consists of none other than the fortified city of Mdina, the quaint town of Rabat and the much smaller village of Dingli which plays host to sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea. As most will agree, each of these localities seem to embody all that is Maltese in their own way and offer a culinary experience which is nothing short of fantastic.

Experience Lunch & Fine Dining at Restaurants in Mdina

Walking through Mdina’s limestone gates will enable you to travel through time to a place which has not changed much in character throughout the ages. The walled-city of Mdina, also known as the ‘Silent City’, is considered to be one of Malta’s iconic symbols of grandiose and is especially interesting to lovers of history and architecture.

On taking your first steps on the fortified city’s cobblestone streets, the sound of your footsteps will echo those of generations past that have lived, and even sought to take refuge in the old capital during times of war. As you stroll through Mdina’s honeycombed streets busily acquainting yourself with the Baroque gem’s stunning architecture, illustrious sites and the city’s plethora of museums, there’s certainly no doubt that your thirst for culture will be quenched. Yet, once the tantalizing aromas coming from some of the busiest restaurant kitchens in Mdina waft their way to your nostrils, your appetite will be whet as a result.

If you’re reluctant to stop exploring even though your stomach is rumbling, you should know that there’s absolutely no need to quit. If the weather permits, enjoy a light snack whilst taking in the atmosphere of a palazzo’s colourful courtyard at one of the restaurants in Mdina.

On the other hand, if you’d prefer to experience a heavy dose of fine dining, wait until the evening sets in and when the city transforms into a dimly lit dream. As the Silent City’s lanterns shed their soft glow onto the buildings’ golden limestone walls, a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere that oozes romance will await you. And once you’re seated, you’ll be able to dig into your amuse bouche followed by a starter of your choice and a tasty cut of meat or a plate of fish as your main.

Dig into a Meal at one of the Restaurants in Rabat

A visit to Mdina is not complete without taking a short detour to the capital’s former suburbs; Rabat. Although different to Mdina, there are a few sites that are considered to be of great historical value.  You may wish to check out some of these interesting heritage sites, house museums and more on our list of Quality Assured visitor attractions.

After you’ve explored enough of the town, bite into a traditional flaky diamond shaped pastry with a soft filling of ricotta or peas traditionally known as Pastizzi. If you happen to be there at about lunch time and you’re in the mood to fill your belly with something more filling instead, you can always opt to take a seat at one of Rabat’s palazzos where you can enjoy a dish of traditionally cooked rabbit, a delicious pizza or a warm plate of pasta whilst staring out at the view of Malta.

Take in the Sea Breeze, Watch the Sun Set & Experience Dining in Dingli

A short distance away from Rabat is the small town of Dingli located 250 meters above sea level in one of the highest point in Malta. In its suburbs are the town’s cliffs which play host to some of the most breath-taking views of the Mediterranean’s open waters as well as the smallest islet in the Maltese archipelago, known as Filfla. Taking an hour or two to walk along the cliffs and breathe in the fresh air is a must. And enjoying some fine dining as the sun goes down whilst you’re up in the area will allow you to experience a true taste of Malta both in cuisine as well as in atmosphere.

If you’d like to dine at a culinary gem in the area, have a look at the map which pinpoints the best restaurants in Mdina and its neighbouring vicinities.


Traditional cheeselets and other local delicacies like capers, sun-dried tomatoes available at Dar il-Bniet, one of the accredited restaurants in Dingli

Photo supplied by Diar il Bniet

Dining with a view, at de Mondion, one of the restaurants in Mdina Malta

Photo supplied by de Mondion