Restaurants in Sliema & St Julian’s – Eating at Malta’s Hotspots

Located in the Northern Harbour region are two coastal towns by the names of Sliema and St.Julian’s that are renowned as go-to-s­­pots for entertainment amongst Maltese youth, foreigners and even the older generation. Of course, part of this area’s main attractions are its m­yriad of shops, restaurants with varying cuisines as well as its long promenade which stretches from one town to the other providing pedestrians with the best path for a scenic walk.

Stroll through Sliema, Dine & Take in the Wonderful Views

Nowadays, Sliema is seen as the centre of activity for many Maltese and expats who can be seen walking along the town’s coast, darting in and out of shops and enjoying the fantastic flavours of the Mediterranean as they dine at one of the restaurants in Sliema. The town was once a quiet fishing village which hosted a number of Valletta’s wealthy residents in the summer who sought to escape the city’s ancient walls in exchange for rocky beaches, sun and a fresh sea breeze. And although modernization has hit Sliema hard in the face as can be seen by the tall buildings lining its coast, you’ll still be able to see a few stylish houses and churches nestled amongst apartment blocks, shops and plethora of restaurants in the vicinity. However, one must say that they’re a more common sight in Sliema’s quainter side streets. Every church and each traditional house with its colourful Maltese balcony jutting out is seen as one of the town’s relics and represents the Sliema known to generations past.

Assuming you’ve chosen to walk along the town’s promenade after you’ve hit the shops, your feet will be begging you to stop and relax whilst you enjoy a slice of cake at one of the cafes or restaurants in Sliema. If you’re close to Tigne, take a seat at one of the restaurants where you’ll be granted the opportunity to look out at the wonderful view of Malta’s walled capital city, Valletta. On the other hand, provided that you’ve strolled up all the way to Tower Road, you’ll be able to enjoy views of Sliema’s coast – a scene which certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Walk along the Promenade & Explore St.Julian’s Sites

Keep walking along the promenade, and you’ll eventually reach Sliema’s neighbouring town, St.Julian’s. Over the years, this town has become more and more cosmopolitan and is home to many expats and Maltese nationals who enjoy the quiet and scenic atmosphere during the day-time and the livelier atmosphere at night.

Once you pass Sliema Independence Garden and enter Balluta Bay, one of the first landmarks you’ll be able to spot is the strikingly beautiful neo-gothic church opposite the road – quite a rare sight considering that most of Malta’s churches are Baroque in style. And as you continue walking round the bend, you’ll be able to see stairs leading down to the sea. During the summer months, these stairs are often peppered with people enjoying ice cream from the nearby kiosks or eating a light snack from one of the restaurants in St.Julian’s whilst they soak up the sun.

Enjoy Splinola Bay’s Romantic Setting

As you take a few more steps, you’ll draw closer to another narrow bay which is found in St.Julian’s. The inverted statue with the letters L-O-V-E, commonly known as the Love Sign, is merely just one indication that you’ve reached Spinola Bay. The luzzus and small fishing boats which speckle the sea are another. If the pretty sight of the bay beckons you to continue walking, opt to take a scenic route around the small harbour where you’ll be able to take in the romantic setting. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, simply select one of the restaurants that line the pretty bay’s coast and dig into a plate of pasta with fresh seafood, a plate of fish and roasted veg or a tasty rib-eye steak with pepper sauce.

Relish the Entertaining Nightlife in Paceville

On the other hand, if you prefer a livelier atmosphere where you can enjoy sipping on a cocktail or a tot of whisky, take a two-minute walk to the heart of Paceville – St.Julian’s contrastingly noisier district. This area is seen as Malta’s very own entertainment hub featuring bars, clubs, pubs and a vast array of restaurants serving up everything from Maltese and Italian food to Asian and American cuisine.

If you happen to be looking for somewhere to eat whilst you’re in Sliema or St. Julian’s, we recommend taking a look at our map indicating the array of restaurants that have managed to acquire the Quality Assured Malta seal of approval.

Discover the dining experience provided by the restaurants in Sliema and St. Julians area in Malta Unique atmosphere of dining right next to sea at the restaurants in St. Julians, Malta