Restaurants in the South of Malta – Dining out in the most rural part of the island

The south of Malta is primarily well-known for its relaxed atmosphere and charm. It’s a place where locals frequently enjoy long countryside walks, visits to historical sites and summer outings to the region’s beaches. Its seaside towns and villages also happen to be amongst the best places to visit for some truly authentic food which can be found at the melange of restaurants in the South.

Visit the Sites, Enjoy the Fishing Market & dine at Restaurants in Marsaxlokk

The tranquil fishing village, Marsaxlokk, is one that’s brimming with character and is a coveted spot for people looking to experience Malta’s island life and culture. Its coast is lined with traditional houses and restaurants facing the crystal clear blue waters speckled with colourful Luzzus among other fishing boats. Although visits to the village are always pleasant, a trip at the weekend will allow you to experience the village at its liveliest. Usually Friday and Saturday nights are always buzzing with life, but Sunday is perhaps the day Marsaxlokk is at its busiest.

Sunday morning is when the village hosts its weekly market and many people also attend Sunday mass at the village’s beautiful Parish church. Once they’re done many people either make their way to St.Peter’s Pool to have a swim or simply go to one of the nearby cafes to sip on some morning tea or coffee and dig into a pastizz.  Around mid-day people tend to head to their favorite restaurant in the area to enjoy a delectable plate of fresh fish, pasta with seafood or their favorite meat dish.

Explore the Ancient Sites & Dine at Restaurants in Birzebbuga

Very close to Marsaxlokk, is another village known as Birzebbuga. The village is popular amongst holiday makers because of its beautiful vistas of Pretty Bay as well as the multiple historic sites within the vicinity. If you’re planning to head to the area, we recommend visiting its wonderful sites first. A couple of notable ones include the natural water-formed Għar Dalam cave along with its museum and Borg in-Nadur which dates back to the Bronze Age. Once you’ve visited both historic sites, go on a stroll along Birzebbuga’s promenade to take in the view of the harbour. If you’re hungry, you can also have a look at the menus displayed outside the restaurants in Birzebbuga. Typically, many of them serve up local cuisine. So, you’ll easily be able to find all the Maltese favorites including bruschetta, rabbit, meat dishes as well as the freshest of fish choices. A few restaurants also serve some scrumptious Italian food such as pizza and pasta.

Walk along the Promenade, Visit Towers & Dine at Restaurants in Marsascala

Marsascala is another popular destination in the South of Malta which is worth a visit. Although the town is far more urbanized than its neighbouring villages, many of its unique features have been preserved. As you walk along the promenade and around the area, you’ll be able to see the saltpans and three of the town’s fortifications which were built by the Knights. Amongst them are the impressive St. Thomas Tower and battery, the Mamo Tower and Tal-Buttar Tower. And as you head out to the limits of Marsascala towards Zonqor, you’ll also be able to see De Redin Tower. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, head back to the town’s coast. If it’s night time by the time you head back, opt to take a seat opposite the sea and dig into one of the restaurant’s fish specialities to experience some fine dining.

 Head Back to Modernity & Eat at Restaurants at Skyparks or Laguna Walk

Once you’ve experienced the island life, you might want to eat somewhere more modern. Skyparks situated the airport in Luqa, and the Laguna Walk at Smart City offer a variety of places to eat at. Amongst the many eateries that can be found at the airport, you’ll find a few fast food restaurants, pubs serving traditional British food and a few cafes where you can bite into a quick sandwich or wrap. However, if you’d rather have something more filling, there are also a few Italian restaurants serving up pizzas, pastas and meat dishes. Whilst the majority of places at Skyparks are inside, Laguna Walk at Smart City features restaurants with both indoor and outdoor seating.

If you happen to be in the South of the island and want to sample some local cuisine, have a look at our map which pinpoints all the restaurants that have managed to gain the Quality Assured seal of approval.