Restaurants in Valletta – Eating out in Malta’s Capital City

Valletta may be Europe’s smallest capital, but the city offers far more charm and allure than you could possibly imagine. During the day it’s bustling with life when many can be seen rushing to work, grabbing a quick bite to eat, darting in and out of shops and exploring all that the fortified city has to offer. And it’s equally as thriving at night when many continue to walk through the illuminated city’s streets and then eventually pause to enjoy dining out at one of the restaurants in Valletta.

Valletta Restaurants in the heart of the City

The heart of Valletta and its surrounding areas have much to offer to itsvisitors. Not only does the Baroque jewel embody 16th century elegance, but it also houses 320 illustrious sites and monuments within its ancient walls. In fact, the Maltese capital holds so much important cultural value that it was dubbed one of three UNESCO world heritage sites the Maltese islands have to offer. And within the cities grid-like streets, there’s a plethora of restaurants whose chefs and servers take pride in offering their clientele scrumptious food and drink that is so diverse it is bound to satisfy every palate.

The types of cuisine that are available at the many restaurants in Valletta are as varied as the colourful balconies that are found in the majority of the ancient city’s cobblestone streets. Other than continental food, there are also various other types of cuisines which are profoundly popular on the island. These of course are not only limited to Maltese cuisine (the island’s own), but also include Italian, French, Oriental and Arabian cuisine too.

By dining in the heart of the city you will be able to take in the true atmosphere of Valletta’s outdoor museum, whilst eating food that will definitely leave you wanting more. At lunch time, whether you choose to take a seat at a restaurant outside St. John’s Co-Cathedral, the old Maltese parliament or dine elsewhere around the city, you will be able to watch people go by as you bite into your pizza and sip on your wine. Alternatively if the weather happens to be cold, you can always opt to experience some fine dining indoors.

Many of Valletta’s old townhouses, some as old as the city itself thus being around 450 years old, have been rejuvenated and turned into stylish eateries.  This is where you’ll be able to take in the traditional décor that’s associated with Maltese culture and in some cases you will also be able to wine and dine in a traditional Maltese balcony.

Take in the View at the Upper Barrakka and dig into an exquisite meal

A visit to the Upper Barrakka garden will grant you the fantastic opportunity to experience a garden like no other. Although very small, just like its mother country, it offers one very pleasing site – the ancient city’s world-famous harbour which has been operating for generations. On exiting the garden, you’ll be able to find a few quaint restaurants lining the streets leading to St. James Cavalier.

Dine & Sip on a cocktail whilst taking in the Maltese Capital’s eclectic past

In times gone by, when Malta formed part of the British Empire, Strait Street was notoriously renowned for its dark and dingy atmosphere which formerly served to cast a shadow on Valletta’s nightlife scene. But during the last few years, the street has been completely revamped and Strait Street has witnessed a re-emergence in popularity. Nowadays, it’s often targeted by the older crowd who seem to view Strait Street as their go-to nightlife spot at the weekend. In fact, when walking through the street, you’ll see many people chatting away whilst they dig into their favourite pasta dish and sip on cocktails both during the hot summer months as well as the colder winter ones.

Enjoy dinner by the water’s edge at Restaurants in Valletta Waterfront

The lower part of Valletta is also worth exploring and dining at. As you eat your plate of fresh fish by the water’s edge you’ll be able to smell the sea’s salinity and take in the view of Valletta’s world-famous harbour and the tranquil blue sea that us wedged between part of the coast belonging to the Malta’s capital and the southern historical town, Birgu.

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat in Valletta, our restaurant guide below highlights some of the best restaurants the ancient city has to offer, be it for a spot of lunch or to enjoy a night of fine dining, drinking, and a memorable time that should be on anyone’s bucket list.

Experience dining out in Valletta, at one of the many restaurants of the capital city

Dining at the Valletta Waterfront in Malta' Capital City, Valletta