This year iPlace win the “Best Value for Money” and “Most Popular for Dining Alone” awards, as well as the “Best Children-Friendly Restaurant” award sponsored by the Malta Baby and Kids Directory. iPlace uses interaction with iPads to offer a new way to eat – casual, with a choice of comfort food that you would enjoy at home. In a smoke-grey, sleek, and stylised environment, a family can zone out and connect to one of eighty iPads whilst eating. Seven booths (diner-style), each having a television screen, allow you to choose your favourite channel to watch whilst dining.

You are encouraged to browse the A-Z of pizzas, burgers, chicken, meat, and fish selections through a menu of images on the iPad. The same goes for the wine selection. You get to build your order, then send it to your waiter, all with a tap and a swipe! The iPad can then remain on the table, allowing you to browse the internet, stay glued to Facebook or, especially for the kids, play one of the games. The technology extends to the kitchen too. iPlace has one of the most hi-tech kitchens in Europe. Chefs have their own personal touch-screen where they can see the orders coming in, the timings and the special requests.

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