Malta Aviation Museum

The Malta Aviation museum is a sought-after attraction by both local and overseas aviation enthusiasts. It is also an ideal family attraction guaranteed to draw the interest of both kids and parents even if they are not aviation buffs.

The Museum is located on the old airfield of Takali (Ta’ Qali), Malta’s first civilian airport, opened in 1938, which, during WWII became a fighter airfield, gaining the distinction of being the most bombed airfield in the world.

The Museum’s collection comprises of wartime aircraft and post war jets, including the well-known Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX, Hawker Hurricane IIa, de Havilland Tiger Moth, North American T6 Texan, Douglas Dakota IV, as well as a Fairey Swordfish, Beechcraft 18 and others. The jets consist of de Havilland Vampire T11, Hawker Seahawk, Fiat G91R and Gloster Meteors T7, F8 and NF14.  Aircraft engines, airfield vehicles and equipment, uniforms and memorabilia are also displayed.

The Museum is run by a Non-Governmental Organisation – Malta Aviation Museum Foundation – made up mostly of volunteers, which continuously strives to acquire new items for display in its collection to enhance the island’s rich aviation history.

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