Malta Falconry Centre

Explore the Malta Falconry Centre and live this unique experience, watch our falconers fly several different species of well-trained birds of prey and see these magnificent birds in free flight. The facility holds its own free parking; open spaces around the centre are all fully-accessible for everyone who visits us. Complementing the centre one can find a small souvenir area situated at the main entrance, offering wonderful gifts to memorise the experience at the unique falconry in Malta.

The Falconry is situated in the beautiful outskirts of Siggiewi, which is a more traditional Maltese village with typical local landscapes. Whilst ensuring the highest care for these magnificent birds of prey, we proudly invite you to visit the only falconry found in Malta. This attraction is inspired by the ancient tradition of falconry, which dates back to the 13th century when the European emperors used to send their best falconers in order to obtain the most valuable birds of Maltese origin.

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