MUŻA is Malta’s National Community Art Museum. The Maltese word ‘MUŻA’ signifies ‘inspiration’ and is an acronym for the Maltese title, MUŻ(ew Nazzjonali tal-)A(rti), whilst also acting as a reference to the mythological muses. All works of art on display were selected on the basis of four main stories: Mediterranean, Europe, Empire and The Artist.

Temporary exhibitions and events in the Camerone, Community Space, Corridors and Courtyard complete the MUŻA experience.

Visitors may also enjoy a break at the MUŻA Restaurant, offering art-inspired refreshments.

MUŻA is housed at the Auberge d’Italie, the former base of the Italian Knights of the Order of St John. Completed by 1629, it served many functions over time, including being the seat of the Valletta Museum from 1925 where the first Fine Arts Section was set up. Following post-WWII repairs, the Auberge d’Italie housed several government institutions until in 2018 it was inaugurated as MUŻA.

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