Nenu the Artisan Baker

Nenu the Artisan Baker is an eatery that is located in a typical Maltese bakery environment, blending traditional Maltese cooking, history, memorabilia and entertainment with interactive participation within a relaxed ambiance.

Whether one is a tourist or a local, the most popular reason to visit the restaurant is to taste the typical Maltese authentic food, especially the Maltese traditional ftira. Nenu provides visitors not only with a dining experience to be remembered, but brings to life the historical evolution of ftira baking and cooking of traditional  gastronomy.

Virtual and physical displays of memorabilia are permanently on display to illustrate the art and skill of the bakery trade. Nenu takes pride in giving hands-on experience of the process of ftira making to visitors. Bakers will demonstrate and pass on some of their artistic skills to those eager to learn a few tricks of the trade.


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