Petite Events

Just close your eyes and visualise golden coloured sand under your feet…gently getting between your toes and making you sink ever so slightly into the sand, the fragrance of the sea and the slight suntan tingle reminding you that you are in Malta, the fabled lost city of Atlantis, the mythical place Odysseus spent years living with Calypso. Now take a step forward…and another…you are drawn. Suddenly you hear drums in the distance…very faint at first, but certainly getting louder as you walk towards the sound. Around you, a pathway is created with hundreds of little candles, which seems to lead to an area in the sand. Your interest is piqued at this point and you cannot but follow the path. You realise the drumming is now getting louder. In the distance you can make out what looks like candles, but they seem to be moving and getting larger, getting closer to you. Suddenly, you realise that those people are fire jugglers, and close behind them were the drummers. The fire eaters ensued with giving a remarkable performance, all to the beat of the drums. “Merħba ġewwa Malta!” And with that the drumming ceased.

Let us become partners on this journey and let Petite Events, with over 20 years of cumulative experience in the business, illustriously offer you ground services based on local knowledge of the Maltese Islands. These services include but are certainly not limited to hotel or other accommodation, various modes of transportation services, conference venues and meetings, incentive activities, team-building activities, themed events, gala dinners, lunches or dinners in restaurants or at other locations and excursions.

Petite Events where little details make a great event.

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