Sciacca Grill

It’s very easy to be led to believe that Sciacca Grill is just another local Steakhouse, but it isn’t. Sciacca surpasses its gastronomic calling by being a no-menu restaurant. If you’ve ever wanted to be a bit more involved in the process of ordering your steak, then this is your go-to eatery. Enjoy picking out your desired meat cut from a truly delectable display, ready to be cooked to perfection on charcoal and wood. It doesn’t stop there – this eatery also caters for its vegeterian and vegan clients, where our experienced chefs prepare dishes based on seasonal fruit and veg.

Located in the heart of Valletta, Sciacca Grill specialises in fine meats, and also proudly boasts an unusual selection of over 200 whiskeys. If you’re more of an aspiring wine connoisseur, there’s also a recently updated wine list featuring the local sought after wines of Meridiana and San Niklaw. Are you feeling spoilt? Then prepare to be spoilt even further with our exclusive VIP room for private functions.

If you appreciate fantastic food accompanied by a good drink choose Sciacca Grill. Within its walls, our patrons are able to experience the kind of tantalising tastes that one would have never dreamt of ever savouring.

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