Ta’ Frenċ Restaurant

The story of Ta’ Frenċ, as we know it today, is the story of two young men, Ino Attard and Lino Cefai, who, more than 30 years ago, recognised in the crumbling limestone walls of this centuries-old farmhouse, a possibility, a dream, a promise, a renaissance. Literally stone by stone, step by step, archway by archway, they restored the building without destroying its soul. Original features such as the animal mangers were retained and these are now a main feature of the bar area. The high ceiling and airy interior are divided into different areas by archways and screens.

Chequered red and white tablecloths, rustic French-style furniture and a classic French menu greeted their first guests, many of whom remain faithful customers of this internationally renowned restaurant to this day.

Soon after the restaurant opened, the owners were joined by Mario Schembri, the Maltese chef, trained in classical French cuisine. In turn, Mario trained Joseph Buttigieg, Marlon Debono and Emanuel Rapa who have all become synonymous with the restaurant.

To this day, clients may still be greeted by a member of the Attard family, and their dinner may still be prepared by Mario Schembri, the original chef. Very few restaurants anywhere can boast of the same ownership and management for more than 30 years.

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