The Limestone Heritage, Park & Gardens

The Limestone Heritage is a unique 20,000,000-year-old journey, beginning at the very birth of the Maltese Archipelago.

Starting with a multilingual, audiovisual presentation in the modern, state-of-the-art auditorium, discover how rock was used to create places ranging from shelter and burial to worship and defense.

Encounter lifelike dioramas, see how stone was cut and dressed, inspect an ancient fossilised seabed, 2400-year-old Punic tombs, a 30-foot high waterfall and an array of authentic exhibits and amusing curios such as the colourful 1937 Dodge Lorry.

Wander through typical Maltese architecture and watch a master craftsman carving masterpieces in limestone or have a go under the guidance of our craftsman and carve your own souvenir in limestone.

Finally relax in the shade of our citrus grove as peacocks roam around freely or in the comfort of a modern visitors centre, housing a cafeteria and a gift shop selling authentic souvenirs.

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