The Magro Food Village

The Magro Brothers firm has been in the food trade in Gozo since 1916. One of the main attractions at the Magro Food Village is the tomato processing. The tomato season is on during July and August.
Besides the tomato factory, the Village houses a cheese-making centre and yogurt facility. The range includes traditional Gozitan cheeselets, fresh ricotta, dips, yogurts and Pekorin cheese.

The Magro Food Village is also the home of Savina Creations. One can watch artisan foods in the making including chutney, sun-dried figs, olive oil and honey. You will also be able to watch traditional crafts such as lace-making and candle-making and, most importantly, taste our foods which can also be purchased as presents and souvenirs.

Tours are carried out between Monday and Friday mornings and need to be pre-booked. Tours are free of charge.

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