Casa Bernard

Casa Bernard is a lived-in Maltese Palazzino of historical importance that is open to visitors for guided tours.  The cellar and the well go back to Roman times while the Watchtower is late medieval. The Palazzino was built in the 1570s in the Mannerist style with Baroque additions later. The restoration took about 3 years and was a great challenge for the owners to keep everything intact and authentic, while being restored with sympathy and understanding. The owners decided to open it for guided tours in order to cope with the crippling costs of the upkeep and maintenance. They offer the visitor a satisfying cultural experience of the Maltese way of life across the ages and show how a period house could still be lived-in today with some modernisation.

The greatest satisfaction for the owners now is reading the positive comments by visitors regarding the architecture of the house and the fine collection of paintings, silver, furniture, china and fine intricate crockery on display. “An unforgettable experience not to be missed “and “A hidden jewel in Rabat” are 2 of the many positive comments on the house left by visitors.

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