Quality Assured Seal for Visitor Attractions

The Quality Assured (QA) Seal for Visitor Attractions is a scheme of the Malta Tourism Authority intended to assist tourists in making a more informed choice, help quality attractions gain a competitive edge and encourage a quality leap in the sector through the creation of benchmarks.


Quality Improvement & Service Quality

QA Visitor Attractions benefit from a detailed report and one-to-one meeting with auditors through which useful tips and recommendations on how the visitor experience may be improved are given based on industry examples of best practice.

The audit is held every two years, thus helping attractions to measure their progress over time by comparing the audit reports and through the feedback provided during the one-to-one meeting.

Attractions will also benefit from training opportunities. Industry seminars organised by the MTA will focus on training needs suggested by the participating attractions or training needs emerging from the audit results.


Marketing Support

Attractions obtaining the prestigious QA Seal will be entitled to several marketing benefits, including:

  • use of QA logo in all promotional material (printed and electronic);
  • a plaque and certificate bearing the QA logo to be displayed on site;
  • increased visibility on visitmalta.com where the scheme will feature on dedicated pages of the website and certified attractions will be easily identifiable;
  • listed on qualityassuredmalta.com which is specifically dedicated to QA visitor attractions, restaurants, and destination management companies (DMCs);
  • increased visibility at MTA tourist information centres. Brochures of the QA attractions will feature prominently on a custom-made stand at all major tourist information centres run by the MTA. The stand, bearing the QA logo, will bear exclusively brochures of certified attractions. Due to the need for standardisation, the brochures must be 21cm x 10cm in size in order to be displayed on this stand;
  • listed on annual MTA publications for QA attractions, restaurants, and DMCs. This will be available at all MTA tourist information centres, participating hotels and international fairs;
  • other occasional PR activities such as feature articles in trade magazines, joint advertising initiatives and recommendations to visiting journalists.