Għar Dalam

Għar Dalam is Malta’s oldest prehistoric site. It consists of a large cave in which were found bones of animals that lived in the area during the Ice Ages. Some of the bones are on display in a Victorian-style museum while some other can still be seen inside the cave. The bones belong to, among others, to small-sized elephants and hippopotami.

Għar Dalam lies in an area of ecological importance. It overlooks Wied Dalam and is surrounded by a typical Mediterranean environment. It forms part of the Natura 2000 network of protected sites which includes Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) of International Importance and Special Protection Areas (SPA). This conservation status is due to a small population of endemic cave woodlouse, Armadillidium ghardalamensis, and a roosting site for the Lesser Horse-shoe Bat, Rhinolophus hipposideros.

On the other sides of Wied Dalam one finds Ta’ Kaċċatura, an important area rich in historical and archaeological features including a Roman Villa and cistern, cart ruts and tombs.

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