Malta 5D

The Malta 5D show is a unique cinematic experience. It is a multilingual, historical and cultural attraction created to suit all ages and attract a diverse audience utilising new generation 5D cinema technologies. It’s an amazing 3D film enhanced with special effects – leg ticklers, water spray, air blasts, scents and moving seats. The attraction is innovative, informative, educational, exciting, fun and just the place for curious people!

Malta 5D takes you on an enchanting voyage to discover the thrilling events that shaped Malta’s history. Together with a ‘Maltese Falcon’, spectators soar over the archipelago and dive into the open seas, twist and turn around narrow quaint village streets and hold their breath against oncoming attacks of spears and bombs! Enjoy a memorable adventure, witness the evidence of human life in the various prehistoric temples, from the victorious era of the Knights of St John, up to Malta’s heroic approach during World War II.

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