The Knights Of Malta

The Knights of Malta is a unique series of expertly captured scenes from the original tales of the life and times of the Crusader Knights. Roaming through, one can easily discover mysteries and secrets behind facts and legend.

Venture in and relive dangerous times, with dramatic recreations of knights and soldiers in combat. As you journey through, beware, lest you be seized by corsairs and kept prisoner till your ransom is paid.

A creative, extraordinary achievement produced by interactive, special effects, dramatic lighting and atmosphere aromas, depicts the energy of those who lived, fought and died in bygone centuries.

It tells the story of an exhilarating voyage back through the ages as you wander through passages of the unknown which put your courage to the test.

One can listen to the story of the knights through audio guides in 13 different languages.


Open seven days a week from 10:00am – 5:00pm, except Christmas Day.

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